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Safety Guidelines for Posting Jobs and Hiring Tradespeople

Witnessing the dedication and commitment of the vast majority of tradespeople, who consistently bring their top skills to every project, is always inspiring. To ensure a seamless and positive experience when hiring a tradesperson, both online and offline, it's a good idea to follow some safety guidelines. These guidelines aren't just about protecting your investment, but also about ensuring high-quality workmanship and safe working practices.

Whether you're sprucing up your home or enhancing your business space, these pointers will guide you towards a successful project. Here are the safety tips for hiring a tradesperson - ensuring your money is secure, the work meets your standards, and the work is done safely:-

Written Quotes

Ensure all quotations are in writing, detailing the work, materials, timeline, and payment stages. The quotation should include examples of past projects, qualifications, references, insurance, tax clearance, and any other relevant information.


Check out references from previous customers on their online profile. Ask for phone numbers of some of their references so that you can ring them or better still go and visit previous jobs.


Before hiring a tradesman, request their insurance documentation. Consult your insurance broker about the policy and any additional coverage needed for the project.

Quality over Price

The least expensive quote might not always represent the best value. Prioritise quality over price, the quote should provide detailed specifications and materials being used so that you know you are comparing like with like.

Paying for Work

Never pay for work in advance. For larger projects, arrange stage payments, releasing funds only after each stage is completed and approved by the certifier. For advance payments, consider using a secure service like

Engaging a Certifier

For new constructions, renovations, or extensions, engage a qualified architect, surveyor, or engineer as a certifier from the outset. Construction should only commence after their initial site approval.


Have a formal contract with the tradesperson, similar to the quote but including terms and conditions. This contract should clearly outline all project details and agreements.

Bonuses and Penalties

For larger projects, consider incorporating bonuses or penalties in the contract for meeting or missing deadlines. A certifier can advise on appropriate contract wording.


If you have any concerns about the work's progress or quality, communicate in writing to the tradesman. For unresolved issues, consider dispute resolution methods like mediation or arbitration. Remember, using a certifier for stage approvals and having staged payments are your best safeguards in any dispute.

Safe Work Practices

If multiple tradespeople are involved, comply with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013 by appointing a project supervisor and completing a safety checklist. This applies even for solo tradespeople or DIY projects; always ensure secure and safe work practices.

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